Catholic Doctrinal Concordance

Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ
-- St. Jerome

About this page
This is a short doctrinal concordance of the Catholic faith. It is not a complete concordance. The purpose is to give people interested in Catholicism a quick reference for the most common items of the faith. Particularly in areas where Catholics and other religions disagree.

This is dedicated to all the cradle Catholics, like myself, who one day woke up and realized they didn't know anything about Catholicism.

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Read this first A few thoughts on the usage of the word "only".

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God, One and True God's nature, Trinity, and Jesus
God's Creatures Mary, Man, Angels, Saints, and the devil
God's Remedies Grace, The Church, Scripture, and Sacraments
God's Gifts Faith, Hope, Love, and Prayer
The Last Things Death, Purgatory, Heaven, and Hell
Additional Topics Apologetics, and topics of dispute with other Christians
Links Great Catholic links
Other fun links:
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Ascension versus Assumption
On Bible Translations
Dueterocanonical Books
Eucharist in the Early Church

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